The best way To Lose Weight Quick – It’s Easy, Actually!

There are thousands of diet programs available in today’s market. Most diet programs present you with a strict diet plan and use regime, which you are to follow for a few months, until you attain the desired weight you yearn for. But the problem with most diet programs is that it supplies a comprehensive program but it provide a program for weight maintenance. One in the popular weight loss centers today is the LA weight loss center. Like other diet programs, the center has its unique way of helping its customers drop. But the cost of going to the center can be unfortunate.
Each week, you end up being asked to come looking for one to three weigh in appointments. While the LAWL employee will weigh you, you will must also sit down while meals journal is reviewed to determine if you ‘deviated’ from the actual load loss program. During training, employees are instructed unit the word ‘deviated’ on the words ‘cheated’ or ‘failed’ to help the client feel like LAWL really cares about her.
A good weight reduction plan also helps you track your progress and offers enticement. Most also go the extra mile and measure your metabolism and exercise abilities as well as your own personality to build an effective weight reduction plan for you. Programs help you see what to do and what not to do and give that you a plan to follow and stay on track.
The beginning consultation is free and is with one within the company’s professional counselors. They’ll weigh you and go over your dieting habits and general living style. If the program works to be able to then you will meet from your counselor often as they design a given program to fit your needs. They will also be the mentor and motivator assist you going towards aim. While doing the la weight loss reviews we found out that the cost for your program ranges from the reduced $200’s to over $1000 for the highest box. This is dependent upon program choice, number of pounds you need to drop, and food selection.
Do you eat 3 square meals a day? That’s great, but it isn’t the how to lose weight quick. When you 4 or5 times per day and eating smaller portions, your metabolism stays in high gear – meaning more calorie burn! Furthermore, it keeps you being hungry between meals, so you aren’t as inclined to eat fattening and unhealthy substances.
Why should we resort about bat roosting extreme procedures instead of setting realistic goals to accomplish the fat loss we seek? The basics to consider for choosing critical issues for nutrisystem coupons for walmart. According to experts they consider it the false-hope syndrome — when dieters have unrealistic expectations about exactly how long it will require to shed excess excessive. When the pounds don’t go away as fast as people expect they resort to all kinds of quick antidotes to solve their injuries.
It has three definite stages. First stage is called jumpstart program which allows the individual have high-protein diet for several days. Then comes activity is where the person has to limit his diet to 1,000 to 1,500 calories per month. What follows after is reintroduction to foods that were prohibited your first two stages.
So, do you create backlinks? It depends mostly on you. If you find you want the regular guidance to stick to a plan, then the actual is worth it. Just beware of the counselors selling their medications. This can add to the cost. However, the diet is basically common a feeling of calorie and portion tackle. This is something that most likely know and will definitely accomplish at no cost on your own.weight loss, health and fitness, popular diets, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health, recipes, food and drink, shopping and reviews

Slimming With Science

Are you miserable with how you look and feel? Have you tried diet after diet without success? Have you given on losing weight? You are not alone. Every year associated with people take a trip on the diet and weight loss roller coaster. They spend billions of dollars on every fad diet out there in an endeavor to lose weight.
Otherwise, if there 1 thing you would be interested, I strongly recommend understand it. There are special considerations influenced by the amount of weight you currently hold uncover the much weight you be deprived of. It is best if in order to honest throughout the process to achieve the very best and most immediate gains. The claim is that are able to lose up to ten pounds during the first 2 weeks and there are people that claim to do it again and again. This is a diet that even many celebrities supporting the rapid and immediate end results.
So yes, we Americans love our celebrities. Some professional ideas on tactics for nutrisystem starter kit. But let’s not give them god-like status. They are just people. If they do not stick to their diets, they will get fat just like you and me.
Almost a quarter of us UK people are fat even fatter when compared whole Europe. Ideas need to punch out fatness collectively as a nation and have to punch with full strength now as well as. For your information Brits its not the fat in plumps, but the one in obese buyers.
Many people believe that it is difficult to self inflict change mainly reminds them of childhood when change was forced here rather than of their own accord. In general, people settle within their own comfortable lifestyle and rarely want alteration of their environment or create new key events. Whether your New Year’s resolution is for adapting new good habits or dropping old bad habits, there is point in common for both, you must be want to earn the change and realize the personal advantages from them. Resolutions for the New Year work just like different than other every day of the year. If you are not in control of yourself now the straightforward change of the calendar won’t to be able to without your dedication to training. Most major changes the lives start by force rather than us diet fat reduction seeking new breaks.
The celebrities possess a huge incentive to adhere to the diet beyond good looks and good . An incentive that you won’t have. A massive financial incentive.
If you consume a diet or fat loss plan that requires you to totally eliminate foods or severely limit certain foods, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, frustration, and disaster from the start. You don’t have to starve your body get rid of fat. In fact, you must never skip a meal to lose power. Think about it. The key goal of entire body is to thrive.
So, the big question now is do these diets really, really job? Most of them do if you stick to the directions and diet regime plan. One really great thing about saving money tea diet that is it doesn’t allow have headaches or that the jitters like some other diet systems execute. It also helps increase metabolic rate additional medications you burn more calories and in the faster rate; and are definitely more effective in fat burning.weight loss, health and fitness, popular diets, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health

Usual ‘E’s To A Successful weight loss Program

A blemish-free and glowing skin is the fancy of many people. Apart from beauty, it also indicates good as well as vitality. However, couple of people are blessed with naturally beautiful skin, which doesn’t demand much cure. For the rest of us, regular care crucial. In fact, a good skin care routine is a must for maintaining the glory of your beautiful skin. In this context, using homemade products is the best way to make skin tone shine naturally. Remember, your skin type is a crucial determinant of the ingredients that you make use of to rejuvenate skin color. The article brings you some very useful natural home remedies, which will make any skin, glow as well as gorgeous. Follow uncomplicated tips to be the stunning beauty you have always wanted to be.
Yoga offers a successful means to your many weight-loss glitches. The latest on recognising details in target nutrisystem. Often times toning the actual body in an uninformed system. Instead of any wight loss program which states decrease the flab around your butt by a lot of inches, or grantees a lot of pounds lost in a small amount of one’s. However, yoga is instead a lifestyle. While it doesn’t promise dramatic weight loss within a mere matter of weeks. Features the opportunity to help these people family gain a healthier life activities.
The yoga weight loss can confer is also of great interest a lot of woman. Because yoga tones the muscles and adds to the metabolism belonging to the body both of you lose weight easier therefore it becomes much harder to regain that inches around your waist. The type of body yoga will give you is not overly muscular but rather lithe and toned. Supplies a healthy appearance both internally and externally. The yoga practitioner will normally glow with vibrant health and well-being.
Nurture your relationships. Our little ones grew up a while back, their kids are growing up now, and everyone is busy with distinctive life and constantly on the road. Don’t let distance or hectic schedules leave you feeling single. Make plans to visit friends and family, and also have them visit and take your time with you, or make new friends by traversing to a community or even perhaps a religious place. If you’re married, take into consideration your spouse and the special bond you portion. Do what you always do as soon as the two of yourself were aged keep the romantic spark alive. Just being around a 1 and actually talking to them will keep you uplifted and your body and mind engaged.
When anyone could have decided your primary reasons states a reduction program, grab a pen and paper and jot it down. Then write down what changes you in order to make so that you can achieve your goal. Always have a general target attain but certain you get you set small goals such as lose two pounds by two weeks, small goals are usually easier to realize therefore keeping your motivation up.
Stock up on whole grains – wheat gluten flour, rice flakes, rice bran, oats, brown rice, and various nuts. They supply the body with the essential vitamin B group of nutrients. Food items are indispensable if one wants a healthy and beautiful skin. A marked reduction in spots, pigmentation, scars, dryness, and dullness is seen, with a raised consumption advisors foods.
Doing simple yoga poses such online traffic two greatly assist in helping you to find the amount of weight loss you are opting. Not only do help you to burn calories and lose weight though, they even distribute help for you to firm and strengthen muscle tissues. By working all of the muscles inside your body and strengthening your core, you will find that reduction supplement also comes with the desired amount of muscle definition and toning that comes about are after. The best part the subject is these stretches are great and engaging, taking the drudgery regarding exercise.
Doing yoga for weight reduction is easily one of the most effective ways to stay healthy these days. You can either do yoga in accessory for your other workouts, just just do yoga. Either way, performing this yoga could live a terribly healthy everyone’s life.weight loss, health, health and fitness, yoga, exercise

Weight Success Stories – How they Lose The Extra Pounds

One great method for sticking to your diet program encourage their weight loss program is using their client’s success stories regarding decline. Before and after pictures are great visual changes. When watching television ads for diet programs like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig might often comprehend the ads use before and after photos of consumers.
After 3 months of this extreme diet and exercise, I had lost 60 pounds! Yes, I really did lose 60 pounds in 3 months! I weighed an incredible 180 extra! One of my most vivid memories while at a “thin” 180 pounds is really a comment made by a friend who we hadn’t seen me in a spell. There were three people headed in order to movie and the subject of my weight came up and one of them says, “You mimic a million bucks!” This became from a perpetually fit and thin friend (you know, make certain all the ladies swooned over-or at least that was my perception). He probably does not remember saying it, fuel tank have not talked to him in years, but i was on cloud nine that someone noticed.
My weight hovered around 235-240 to find a very long time, . i only made half-hearted attempts to lose any weight. I began working a very sedentary job answering phones all day, never leaving my dice. The options for sensible systems of nutrisystem before and after. I was a telephone computer support guy in a call coronary heart. After 3 associated with working in this particular sedentary environment, my weight peaked at 307 pounds!
Another means by which makes us want to give these diets a try is once they use celebrities to advertise their products. Since celebrities are usually in the public eye you get to discover them lose weight over duration. Some celebrities’ that come to mind are Kirstie Alley, Anna Nicole Smith, Dan Marino, and Oprah winfrey.
If shifting to eliminate all the foods that you absolutely enjoy from my diet, will probably be setting yourself a great deal fail inside your quest to reduce weight. No food is inherently “bad”. Some foods are healthier than many. If you choose healthier food most of the time, a person on the best track to safe, permanent weight departure. Do have any small portion of something you crave now and again.
Again, these stories were replete with before and after photos to turn out to be look like these were actual clients of your Seattle, WA-based Radiant MedSpa and Fat loss Center which can the parent organization for that HCG Diet in that area. Incidentally NONE of those four low-carbers live anywhere close to Seattle, however the heck are they doing searching for pass off these low-carb weight loss success stories as being on the Hcg diet? This company has got some serious trying to explain to do about their illegal utilization of real people like this who did NOT follow their plan.
At the ripe maturity of 21, I was attending a tech school which was 5 days a week in the mornings. This left the afternoons and evenings accessible for work. Engaged in the stressful I chose try and lose unwanted fat. I weighed 240 pounds, probably stretching my size 38 jeans constantly in their breaking point, but I rationalized that her size 40 was simply too loose! Ha ha!
When you wish to achieve long-term success you need to keep the physcial activity high and not drop this method. It all really comes to calories in versus calories out. Discover in a calorie deficit, you will not lose an ounce of heavy. And when your physical activity is high, then your calories intake also doesn`t have to be extremely at a decreased level.weight loss, sports and fitness, health, health and fitness

Bistro Md Review – Affordable Fat Loss Programs

You don’t have to use those often complex and pricey weight loss programs advertised on television. Other people of you, these won’t even work. You don’t hear this too often. But, it is true. They are broken for everyone. It can be done too that they could have worked for you at one point, and the following is straight don’t.
In fact, fruits and vegetables walking whenever the opportunities arise like if you visit malls, walk using the mall; and if you work at a higher rise building go ahead and take stairs instead for the elevator. You will soon notice your heart pumping and working fast. This is a great exercise routine. You can walk while you talk on the phone or simply walk about while watching the news. It’s free.
As you can learn it is simply not worth wasting your time competing like whom. Instead, look for another strategies by. Helpful tips on finding root elements of nutrisystem deals. Make your keyword more specific. For example, instead of targeting the generic term of say weight loss, why not try for weight loss need to. The more targeted the keyword you are promoting, the less expensive the keyword must be. And another bonus is at there will be less competition for the more targeted keyword because they have not thought of it and are working on the general term.
Children can bodyweight and change bad eating habits easier than students. The older you get better it becomes different that change and lose weight. Children should not “diet” but rather be trained to make healthy choices.
The body would depend antioxidants-from vitamins C and E to thousand of phytochemicals-to protect against cell damage and loss of memory. Add these to your diet: dried plums, beries, sweet potatoes, carrots, brocolli, tomatoes, purple grapes, mangoes, green tea and whole grain.
Take your child shopping with you whether it may be the mall or convenient store – park at the far end of the lot and walk on the store. If there is a cart involved while shopping pertaining to instance with groceries have your child push the cart. Stash with the cart both of you can return to the cart to its designated area.
What you decide to remember with pounds reduction surgery is that you have to buy some new way of eating and your way of looking at eating. If you eat out of stress or depression and you look at food as a comfort mechanism, then weight loss surgery may not be right for you. Until you can make what food in order to you and truly change your eating habits, weight loss surgery will be pointless.
Before you are going to go on any diet or exercise program, you be required to talk to your doctor or health care provider. Your doctor can help you’re making decide what type of weight loss program is best for you. Some programs may be also covered under your wellbeing insurance policy. If you have ever had an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, your doctor may decide that a diet plan is not right for the person. If you do need accomplish weight instead of lose it, are generally some programs, like weight watchers, may easily be avoided help you lbs too.weight loss, as well as wellness fitness, health, internet marketing, internet and businesses online

Best Cruiser Bikes For girls

Cruiser bikes absolutely are a good way to get all over and might manifest as being a smart way to exhibit your persona. You’re able pick the style, style and design, and colour you’d like to secure a bicycle. Each one of these decisions permit somebody make your cruiser right into a intriguing expressive way to get close to. There’ll also dozens of accessories you are able to set in the bike to allow it being extra entertaining to become equipped to!

The seats are cushiony, the tires are additional vast. These kinds of are hardy to supply you protection during the tough surfaces. These bikes are largely purchased for entertaining and pleasure. Possess firm handles which will give a good grip with a vacation. The gears and speed can be based on the necessity and likes of your rider. These beach cruisers make using the last word pleasant rrssue.

When choose the kind and product you’d like, investigation that individual around the on line environment and review person studies that will cite problems which will arise. You don’t wish to shell out revenue on one which will require much too much maintenance afterwards on. In the course of your research nonetheless, you will see an involving on line shop offering you remarkable deals and reductions but web content . it always be a lot more reasonable to speculate within a local supplier looking at delivery prices will be substantial. Also, the transported ones isn’t definitely assembled somebody will require to consider that along with that.

Just one among the many ways in which mountain bikes vary utilizing their organization bikes is that they have very solid, light-weight frames, numerous gears, highly effective breaks and extensive tires. A convenience bicycle, or leisure weekend bicycle, touring bikes and best cruiser bikes are constructed additional for comfort than durability. Out of your mountain bicycle classification solutions below . many linked with bikes obtainable; the x-country bike, the trials bicycle, the downhill bike along with the jump/slalom avenue motorbike.

Make distinct your child is relaxed his cruiser motorbike. A kid’s cruiser comes almost in most dimensions and varieties so hurry in screening unique choices. The bike has to be in the appropriate dimensions for him to induce him for being sit easily around the saddle turn out to be there when he’s driving it. Just before you’re taking a single household, have your son or daughter generate it making sure that they can a person whether or not he’s wonderful using it or significantly from becoming. Give him enough time and energy to pick what he likes. Soon after all, it is really your child that occur to become using it so is going to be functioning what he thinks referring to this.

The more substantial bikes possess a masculine attraction and permit a man to give expression to his manliness. Bikes are therefore the elements in the gangs that roam the countryside. These sorts of gangs question indulge in criminal activities. These involve extortion and even murder. However not all bikes gangs indulge only in prison things to do as almost all of the of these gang members are regulation abiding citizens, who figure out rallies and cross state drives. Lots of the bike gangs emerged adhering to end of one’s Second Battle. Many of them have intercontinental chapters as in reality.

The rims can also range. They may be developed from alloy or metal. On the listing of two, aluminum offers an improved braking finish. Stainless-steel spokes are famous to offer good potency. Alloy rim also a lot more resistance against rust and lighter than steel. Hence, seashore cruiser bikes basically no handbrakes maybe coaster brake deciding on involving alloy and metal will not actually subject.

Rapid loss of weight Tips – How To lose Fat From Your Face

The facts are that adopting a healthy meals are the best approach if you want to undergo a bodyweight loss. Your body needs certain amount of calories every day to have plenty of energy for daily steps. Hence, starving yourself is not the approach to bodyweight. You simply have to make sure you follow a moderate involving calories be sure that you burn off more fat than experience actually consumed for efficient weight deterioration. There are some fat reduction tips and tricks doable ! follow to achieve safe reduction.
Nothing works if happen to be not motivated enough to sacrifice. Topics to consider with rudimentary secrets in nutrisystem coupon code 2015. Celebrities lose weight in just less than 5 months not only because they’ve a full contingent people under their employment but because very good motivated to provide it their all. The constant pressure regarding work the the consumers are saying about them will have adverse health effects on them emotionally. You also should have a healthy motivation-not lose weight superficially but to lose weight because of health reasons behind why.
TIP #79: If you take public transportation, get off a block before your stop and walk most of the method by which. This is an easy to squeeze in a stroll before and after work or near the best weight loss methods technique another .
If you’re someone who is prone to taking diet pills, need to have to stop and re-evaluate how effective they are unquestionably in an individual to to excess weight. And, if these that effective, why do you feel the desire to keep taking men and women? Did you actually gain all that weight back in time?
There are many techniques to have information. Common actions like find responses online, through textbooks, magazines or other publications. Some close friends would have even recommended exercise primarily is frequently the 2nd most widely used solution to reducing weight fast. Hand calculators discover a reasonably plethora of weight loss and exercise programs or training strategies that you can consider. All you have to do is pick out which workout regime is fitted to your lifestyle and activity level.
Embraces the emotional and physical associated with losing fats. She is well conscious of weight loss without a goal is somewhat to fail, and therefore be defeated in people’s efforts in weight loss. Isabel De Los Rios helps promote the concept that always be crucial to set goals that are reasonable therefore will be easier receive. When people are successful at reaching goals, people will become more confident and additional apt to believing these people can achieve their goals. The Isabel De Los Rios’ food intake individualizes an individual’s body type and metabolic goals, and makes a program that is specifically for that person’s weight and purposes.
Since you’ll be wanting to exercise and eat healthier, you’ll not notice or care concerning sacrifices you have to make to get there. Listed below are a few tips for easy weight loss that will help you began. Set down the fork between each bite and savor the. The initial diet allowed you 15 carbs a day during you’ll want to phase and suggested a meat based diet. Shortlist these services compare them on value-for-money and deliverable results specifics.
Fiber is considered the most the best weight loss substances precisely as it will make us feel full faster and it stays in body/stomach over other food/substances that we eat. This will slow down our rate of digestion thus keeping us from feeling hungry earlier.weight loss, health and fitness, fitness, health

Why you Should Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Your Diet

Let’s start the particular bottom line: just in case kids don’t know how to cook each goes to be obsessed on packaged food—food that’s been processed, preserved and designed for make the most. Unless you can afford a personal chef the only way to assure a long healthy life style is to know how to prepare fresh, healthy recipes void of all the additional ingredients we now know have some serious consequences.
Sweet Potatoes – On top about their great taste, these vegetables have relatively few calories, but many of them are developed in low glycemic index carbohydrates.
I’m happy to have avoided the pain, but the whole experience got me thinking. it was fear that kept me away. An ideas analysis of common-sense methods for nutrisystem gift card. Is actually keeping you from increasing? For many people, fear may not work issue. It could be that joining a gym is not convenient, too expensive, too difficult, or just beyond their experience.
In order to lose weight you should strive to eat 6-8 small meals per day. Eating small meals every 2-3 hours increase your metabolism and stop your body from storing fat. Eating less frequently and skipping meals results in your body to hold on to on to fat and, as a result, make it more difficult to get weight.
We all demand a strong, good looking and healthy body, so we attempt eat the right food and exercise, but so often we fall on old habits that sabotage our projects. To be able to execute something about it, we first need to have look into this strong power that many of us know as “our habits”.
When they fit properly, others can’t even tell that you simply don’t have your ears pierced and small magnets help hold them . Magnetic jewelry already been claimed to have health benefits, specifically in those with inflammation of the joints. Even though this wasn’t proven, this 1 of the reason people like wearing magnetic gems. They also tend turn out to be more comfortable to wear than clip on earrings. For females who like the look of hoop earrings but who do not have pierced ears, magnetic earrings are a good option.
In hot sale of MBT shoes, women are buyying it for jogging. Even old women purchase it as a good partner to keep health. MBT company designed various measurements MBT Women Shoes to match women’s demand. Also for fat foot women, MBT women shoes offer sandals may easily be avoided keep your feet comfortable without feeling of narrow. Good permeability can protect your feet from athelete lower limb. So women do never to worry about the healthy of inches.
Since fresh cherries are hard to seek out year round, many are turning to other cherry products including cherry juice and tart cherry medications. In fact, it takes the juice of 60 cherries to make each day for an ounce of tart cherry juice place emphasis. A reliable source of tart cherry juice is Traverse Bay Farms. They’re not only based in the cherry growing region of Michigan, provide free shipping on tart cherry juices. Another option is tart cherry capsules. The capsules use the entire cherry so you’ll be receiving the whole fruit with each daily serving. You could find capsules from Fruit Advantage. So the next time you looking for cherries, consider grabbing a glass of tart cherry milk.nutrition, health and fitness, business, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health, weight loss, sports and fitness, food and drink, tea

Extreme Weight Loss Diet-Lose Flat abs Quickly

How can one lose weight when there is so much confusion about it. All the health researchers and experts speak equivocally about the processes and foods. Calorie and fat intake has been something to watch ever since the talks of weight reduction have spurred. On a yearly basis we see many books are written and thousands of theories been projected. How then would it be possible dieter to make a difficult choice of eating or abandoning some food. Diet has thus end up being the most debated and controversial topic typically the health sector.
Food consumption in fact is boosted by alli supplement. It isn’t eating that will lower your body’s metabolism down. By consuming the suggested excess fat meals seen previously alli eating program, you will cause your system to utilize the foods towards effectiveness of its capability. Alli means that you should put time into your food consumption. It says that when you manducate your food wholly, it will enable your system to ascertain the moment your belly becomes full. Just get rid within the bloating triggered by overeating. The best routes for selecting essential issues of nutrisystem cookbook. Alli supplement recommends you get at least a snack within your usually 3 meals per day.
Finally, always look back at what own achieved, maybe on a monthly basis; should get keep you motivated while showing you the way much you lack.
There are plenty of ways to enhance the situation if features a breath is the end result of bacteria. The significant thing is to control the microbes within your mouth. Use a mouthwash regularly, and brush your teeth twice a day or after ingredients. It’s also a good idea to brush your tongue, a person dislodge any bacteria that may have up residence there.
One thing you can do right away is stop eating as if you’re still with child. While you were pregnant you might have indulged in soft ice cream and pizza in the event that had cravings, simply by you want to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, you really should leave these forms of eating habits in the back of. Start eating a diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole.
While going for diet plan, you have to consider about obtaining a biometric screening. A biometric screening will help you construct a beautiful nutrisystem recipes plan by viewing you your right weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, liquid and glucose levels, and BMI. You can have healthy weight, but have high fats. Once you identify the consequences of your biometric screening, you can make a healthy nutrisystem recipes plan.
Following healthy eating guidelines is step 1 of losing free weight. You will never permanently lose weight purchase never develop your nutritional foundation. You will go from one strategy to the next. Another problem will appear and noticing jump over to that after you have just fixed one problem. You will never actually achieve permanent weight loss.
Healthy weight loss diet plans possess a different focus than many of industry programs. Some commercial plans focus only on getting the weight. They calculate how many calories you should consume to lose x number of pounds to arrive at the weight on a chart created by insurance actuaries. After crunching the numbers, they send you pre-packaged meals; in order to your door until you reach your goal weight. Where’s the love? A healthy weight loss program should provide you with menu and grocery shopping plans; it should have an exercise plan as well as support. You should select a plan that focuses on system needs and the view.weight loss, health, health and fitness, nutrition, health & fitness